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Firstly, thank you for visiting our blog and travel agency. I am Tamanna from Delhi, India. I have lived in Gurgaon for 20 years and now it’s been three years in Delhi. I love experiencing new cultures, traditions, places, and most importantly food. 
My full-time job is working as a Digital Marketer but when I am not working, I explore new places to escape the stress of my work and visit new restaurants to satisfy my taste bud cravings. I am a huge fan of organizing everything. I enjoy spontaneity in my organized schedule while traveling.
I have a diary where I want to reminisce about my holidays. Every year, I wish to travel to at least three different places. Over the years, I am learning the origin of local cuisines, cultures, wines, spirits, art and I hope to give you a glimpse of my version of these.


Life on Mountain was founded in 2019 with the mission of making travel more accessible, easy, and budget-friendly to young people. Why? 
‍In 2014, co-founder Tarun Mudgal went to Ladakh on his first trip in college and came back forever changed. He got together with Tamanna Aggarwal, Sanket Kulshreshtha, and Varun Singh, and they realized that all of their friends had excuses as to why they couldn’t travel and one of the major excuses was of budget. Dissatisfied with the status quo, the four set out on an adventure of a lifetime.
‍Traveling all across India, the four became obsessed with getting to know locals and finding off the beaten path experiences that you couldn’t find as a tourist. The four began bringing small groups of people ages 21-35 on trips to different places as mentioned in Upcoming Trips under Successfully completed trips.
‍With the help of their local friends, amazing network of boutique hotels, and the desire to make a positive impact on local communities rather than just see them on a superficial level, Life on Mountain has started to grow as a Travel agency.


To making travel more accessible, and budget-friendly.
In all our blog posts, we are trying to give you some little tips and tricks on how to visit a destination “smart”. Yes, let’s call it the “Smart travel” blog. What do we mean by that?
Traveling is all about ‘will’, not ‘money’, it’s all about ‘experiences’, not ‘expenses’, it’s all about ‘the makeup of your mind’, not ‘about giving excuses’.
I think that maybe sometimes it is really worth it to pay for, let’s say, walking on the biggest glacier in the world. You would miss out so much if you would just see it from the side! But sometimes, if it is possible to save Rs 500 per person on the entrance ticket to the water park, why on Earth would you pay more?
Not paying for what’s not necessary but experiencing the place to the fullest – that is what Smart traveling is about. And that’s what the blog and travel agency is about, too.

Life on Mountain

We find the best — hotels, restaurants, places, cultural experiences, and people — and share it with the passionate travelers who trust us to guide them to unforgettable places.
Life on Mountain lets you indulge in your passion for travel — whether you’re getting on a plane or staying on your sofa. And we’ll help with every stage of your journey: from inspiration to planning to travel to sharing to reliving the memories.

We’d love to hear from you anytime. Drop us a line at

Happy travels!

Tarun Mudgal, and Team Life on Mountain

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