Rajasthan Trip – The Land Of Mirage And Miracles

Rajasthan Trip – The Land Of Mirage And Miracles

We welcome you to our Rajasthan Trip, to the land of camels, sand dunes, thorny bushes, sand dunes! Welcome to the deserts of India!

Spread over four states in India (Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat), these deserts are the most dry and hot places, geographically. However, the nights are quite chilly.

Colourful and chaotic, vibrant, and romantic – welcome to Rajasthan. Explore India’s captivating northwest on this 15-day tour, taking in fairy-tale desert cities, the treasures of the maharajah, and forts with fascinating histories. Marvel at the grandeur of the Taj Mahal in Agra, travel across the Thar Desert on camelback, and immerse yourself in romantic Jodhpur.

This Rajasthan Trip doesn’t just cover Rajasthan’s many bucket-list-worthy sites but also immerses you in the thrum of daily life with time spent in traditional villages, market wanderings, and plenty of memorable meals. Add a touch of comfort and some very special heritage property accommodation for a true Rajasthani travel adventure.


Also known as the Great Indian Desert, the Thar Desert is bordered by Indus and Sutlej river in the west and the Aravalli ranges in the east. Three of the most attractive cities of Rajasthan- Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner are a part of the Great Indian Desert. Out of these three, Jaisalmer is mostly sandy or stony and lies in the heart of the Thar desert.

The deserts can be divided into two parts- the great desert and little desert. The great desert forms a part of Thar desert which extends over Pakistan in the west while the smaller one is known as the Rann of Kutchh that mainly covers the state of Gujarat. 

A camel safari to this place offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the true magic of the Thar desert. Lying at the edge of the Thar desert are the cities of Jodhpur and Bikaner. These places are also perfect for providing an insight into the life of desert region by camel safari. These enchanting camel rides take you to the journey of various forts, palaces and havelis built by the Rajput Kings.

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