Music playlists for memories

Music playlists for memories

One of my favourite things to do is create a Spotify or Gaana music playlists for the music I listened to most at each place I visited. Now all I have to do is listen to one and it takes me back to a specific place and time, along with all the emotions I was feeling then.

It’s a common phenomenon — you hear a song for the first time in a while, and bam, you’re hit with a wave of where you were, how you felt, and what you were doing the last time you listened to that song.  Music’s ability to prompt such vivid memories has been incredibly useful for me. When I don’t have time to journal while traveling, I make music playlists of the songs that I listened to during the trip.

Music Playlists

When I drove cross country, I made a playlist of the songs I listened to while driving from stop to stop. For the past three years, I have created a new playlist at the beginning of the year. Creating a playlist at the start of each year and adding songs over the next 365 days has helped me tell the story of my life that year—and it’s another great way to start the year fresh on January 1st. As it turns out, what I thought was just a fun tradition has some positive psychological effects.

We all struggle to find the right words that describe how we feel when we travel. Thankfully, when words fail, music 🎶 speaks. This traveling season, why not use the power of playlists to share and remember how you feel when you travel and what are the memories you cherish the most? 

You could create a playlist with all of the songs that capture how you feel 💗, or you could find that the simple act of singing with your friends to say more than words ever could.

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