Kerala Boat House

Kerala Boat House

We booked a Kerala Boat House and then the booking agent introduced us to the crew and left us with a warm smile. As the boat slowly departed, we were shown around to our rooms. We left our luggage in the room and came back out into the open to do a little sightseeing. The boat cruised along narrow canals where we saw the full glory of village life. People traveled in canoes to reach the mainland as many houses there do not have an approach road. Even children were using canoes the way we use cycles and bikes to move around. It was amazing!

We passed by other Kerala House boat and it was a delight to see the guests there having a ‘Wow’ expression on their faces.  The boats usually have their own regular parking slots. The boat’s TV was connected to the cable in the owner’s house and we were able to watch television for some time. We spent more time roaming around, though. By 8 PM, dinner was served, and we hit the bed by 10 PM. Let me tell you, sleeping on a floating boat is very different!

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