Action Camera Accessories Kit Bundle – GoPro

Action Camera Accessories Kit Bundle – GoPro

Action Camera Accessories are Compatible for GoPro, Sony Action Cam, Nikon, Garmin, Ricoh Action Cam, SJCAM, iPhone and Android and Epic Photo Shooting (42 in 1). You can take it whenever or where ever you are, while diving, swimming, climbing, riding bicycle, skiing or doing other adventure sports.

  • Chest strap : ware your gopro 6 hero fusion and other action cameras on your chest comfortably, with adjustable design it fits almost all shapes and sizes of jackets including heavy safety gear. Aperfect accessory for skiing, kayaking, biking, motocross etc
  • Suction cup mount : with this mount you can easily attach your gopro  6 hero fusion and other action cameras securely to your car window and record the along side scene at any different point of view. It provides you a broad range of motion and lets you enjoy adventure filming
  • Head strap : an awesome mount to film point of view angle on your gopro  6 hero fusion and other action cameras, compatible with all sizes of gopro cameras it can be adjusted according to your head size and needs letting you film exciting footage. 

Product includes:

6 x CNC Long Screw
2 x J-Hook Buckle Mount
1 x Handlebar Mount
2 x Safe Straps
1 x Wrist Strap Mount
2 x Mount Adapter
2 x Links
2 x Release Buckles
1 x Floating Hand Grip
4 x Surface Mounts (2 Curved & 2 Flat) AND MANY MORE…

Supported Devices: GoPro Hero 6, Hero fusion, Hero 5, Hero Session, Hero 4, Hero 3, Hero 2, Hero HD, Hero +, SJCAM SJ4000, SJ5000, SJ6000 Series. Other action camera might also be supported but we strongly advice to please check your camera compatibility (OTHER BRANDS) with GoPro accessories before placing the order.

We are a group of 4 people who are Travel Bloggers and used this Camera GoPro Kit for shooting videos and taking pictures and was very satisfied with it. We personally reviewed it and hence referring to you guys for the best experience.
You can easily buy the Action Camera Accessories Go Pro Kit from Amazon.
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